About Me

I am a Graphic and Web designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in Taiwan and have been living in Australia since 2004. I call many places my home. My family’s home town speaks multiple languages, giving me the ability to speak four languages fluently.

I love drawing, playing music and sports since I was a kid. I was the captain of all sports teams from kindergarten through out senior high school. I am a competitive person and love all types of challenges. When I was in junior high school, I became a violin and piano teacher. At the same time, I got myself first professional Manga drawing kits and started to draw my very first Manga story book. I always dreamt one day I would win a Manga contest and publish my book. Sports, arts and music were born with me and they have become a part of my life-style.

For the past 7 years, I have been working as a freelance designer while raising my two beautiful children as a single mum. I love design because it makes all our ideas and imaginations becomes visible. Also, all designed products and websites tell a story. I like being able to deliver the story to the audience through my design skills and ability. To me, the high-quality designs are not just about the details and how good looking the product is, it is also about how well the message can be delivered to the viewers and make them remember the product and the company.

“don’t design for brands. Design for people interacting with brands.”

Skills that I have

software and programming languages I use